Have you ever dreamt of soaring though the sky or wondered what it is like to fly like a bird? If you want to find out then come to Alanya and join us to finally make your dream come true. Tandem fly over Alanya Cleopatras sea beach and along our beautiful Alanya Castle. Tandem Paragliding flights dont require any previous flight experience and can be enjoyed by just about everyone. Tandem Paragliding is very easy to do and only takes a couple of steps and you are gently lifted off the ground into the sky and on your way to a journey that will provide you with excitement and unforgettable memories. With a team of experienced tandem paragliding flight instructors that have over 5.000 flight hours and come direct from Professional Aytur Tandem Company. Your tandem pilot will guide you through the whole tandem paragliding flight. our tandem experiences are the safest way to fly. Anyone that is able to run a few steps at the time of takeoff and landing with the instructor. As you have probably guessed. We love our tandem paragliding job and fly. Ulusky Tandem Paragliding was born in 2005. Alanya was at the heart of the scene. We are the only company permitted to fly over Alanya Cleopatra beach. We are certified by the Turkish Aeronautical Association(FAI) Authority. We have stringent regulations around our equipment and weather conditions; we never push the limits when it comes to safety. Tandem paragliding flight is tailored to you. Thrill seekers and those looking for a more relaxed pace are both catered to, talk to your pilot about how you will enjoy it the most. Check out where you are staying, look down into the see, get eye-to-eye with the peaks. Only Ulusky tandem paragliding can give you these unique experiences. Tandem paragliding Professionalism is key; we undertake ongoing training to always be at the top of our game. Our philosophy is one of providing our clients with a genuine joyride. We pride ourselves on having our clients walk off the landing sands with a big smile! Our clients love us.